Your lead’s marketing experience is affecting their sales experience. Their sales experience is affecting their customer experience. Their customer experience is affecting your attrition and your growth. The entire lifecycle—start to finish—is affecting your ability to turn customers into advocates: your most reliable engine for growth. We’ve all had a bad experience that turned us off to a company for good.

You have the opportunity to design ideal experiences for your customers, and, in doing so, position your company to grow. The data is conclusive: better experiences lead to advocates and revenue! To get there, you’ll have to fuse disparate parts of your organization together to create a new, holistic experience.

In this session, we’ll use the incredible history of Jimi Hendrix as a vehicle for learning how to do effective customer research, leverage analytics and testing, and collaborate across departments to build a world-class, omni-channel customer experience that gets real results. When customers experience success, you do, too.