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I’m a UX Architect at Salesforce, helping build world-class customer experience tools.

For me, experience design is a strategy for creating positive change in the world for others—not in a vague sense, but a literal one.

Transparency, feedback, and accountability are critical components of any equitable system we build in the world. Great design work treats these components as requirements for success and leverages them to better ensure human-centered outcomes.

I put this perspective to work through experience design, thoughtful presentations, and lots of experimentation.

  • I live in Atlanta, GA.
  • I co-host TuneDig, a conversational podcast about music history, culture, and theory.
  • I co-operate Logos Creative, a family business helping small businesses and nonprofits.


I've had the privilege of delivering more than 100 talks around the world over the last decade, and I've always aimed to be truthful and engaging. Any research I use has a clear source, and I've vetted every source myself (I think this should be required of every presenter).

My talks revolve around helping others use technology to draw out their creativity and talents, so they can make a positive impact on the world. I talk most often about the intersection of product design methodology and human-centered, ethical marketing.

Want me to speak at your event? I'd love to talk to you—get in touch. I'm open to any opportunity that ensures diversity and safe environments for attendees.

Not convinced yet? I understand. Feel free to check out the public feedback I've gotten.


Now booking for 2024-2025.

Past Events



I can't say enough good things about Cliff's expertise and professionalism as a subject expert/public speaker/conference presenter. Cliff has spoken at numerous editions of our Digital Summit conference series, and brings the goods every time. As an event organizer, there's always a lot of balls in the air and relationships to nurture. Cliff's a master at his craft and is extremely responsive and a breeze to work with. Time and again, he delivers high value content and tactical lessons to our audience of marketers, designers, and strategists. Our programs are that much more compelling with Cliff on the speaker roster. He's equally comfortable on a large stage or intimate training environment. Highly recommend him as a speaker for any size event.

Jaimey W Bear,
Creative Marketer | Event Producer | Project Director | Talent Developer

Dynamic. Bold. Passionate. Insightful. Key characteristics of any great speaker...and Cliff had them all. We recently had the pleasure of hosting Cliff as one of our keynote speakers for the American Marketing Association West MI chapter. With his relevant and actionable presentation, “Death to Boring B2B Marketing,” Cliff captured the challenges of a modern marketer and provided a refreshing remedy on how to use design thinking to reclaim creativity and boldly connect with customers. Not only was Cliff extremely knowledgeable on the subject, but his passion was infectious. When you're torn between wanting to tweet out insights, but not wanting to miss one second, you know you're in the presence of a truly dynamic speaker. Simply put by one of our members, “hands down one of the best AMA lunches I’ve ever attended.” We look forward to welcoming Cliff back soon.

Meahgan Pear,
National Marketing Director & Strategist / Brand Experience Storyteller / CX Creator / AMA-WM Podcast Co-Host / Speaker / Adjunct Professor