Death to Boring B2B Marketing: How Applying Design Thinking Drives Success

Somewhere along the line, B2B marketing became less of an exercise in creativity and more a balancing act in the dark. Endless tools, contradictory best practices, and mind-numbing levels of optimization dominate the modern marketer’s day-to-day. After all, you still have to hit objective goals to prove your worth to the business—even though it’s almost impossible to know how each decision and effort impacts the overall outcome.

So, you play it safe. You administer tools instead of creating and experimenting. And you miss opportunities to truly excel, because just hitting your numbers is hard enough. No more! It’s time for you to do what you do best again: fearlessly connect with your target market and build empowered customers.

The principles and methods of “design thinking” will equip you to reorient around more audacious goals and pursue a higher level of creativity and risk. Embrace collaboration, conversation, ideation, and testing to find hidden opportunities—all without jeopardizing the good you’ve done so far.

Let’s put tools in their place and be unboring together.