Inviting Experimentation by Design

Margaret Stewart of Facebook thinks designing elegant tools may be the highest-impact opportunity for designers today. At Pardot (part of Salesforce), we can attest to that.

The star of our app, Engagement Studio, was borne out of a desire to go deeper into interaction and interface design. By seeking out opportunities to make our users’ experience truly meaningful, we blazed a trail that defied conventions and empowered the people we serve. A simple workflow builder became a canvas for bold automation and experimentation.

In this session, we’ll look at how our user-centric design process generated innovative new ideas that invite people to be creative. You’ll see how these phases came together to make meaningful improvements on a “common” interface:

  • Reframing questions and infusing research early to discover opportunities
  • Balancing product compromise with design principles
  • Validating inspired concepts through clear UX objectives